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Our words have creative power. With our words, we can speak blessings over our future or we can speak negative things over our future. Joel Osteen

Does our tongue get us into trouble, not just with other people but with ourselves as well? Do we tell ourselves we’ll never be able to accomplish this, overcome that, or rise above circumstances beyond our control?

We might not be able to stop the thoughts that come into our mind but what if verbalizing them is the problem? What if they are without form and substance until we speak them? What would our speech look like if we only talked about the things we want to come to pass? If we get what we focus on and what we focus on is what we speak about, then maybe talking about being fit instead of fat might make a difference.

We know encouraging words work better than discouraging words with our children. In Toastmasters we give twice as much positive feedback as negative, it is not good to only tell people how great they are, we also want to give them feedback to help them improve so they can develop into better speakers.

We may have to work on how to encourage people to better themselves. If we are willing to work on it for others, are we also willing to work on it for ourselves? If we give life to things by speaking them, we must be careful about what we say. Joel Osteen tells us in, “The Power of I Am” we must not just think good thoughts, but we must declare them. If we think we are strong and healthy it is one thing, but to say it gives it power.

Don’t ever diminish the power of words. Words move hearts and hearts move limbs. Unknown

We don’t have to declare things to others, but it sounds like we must be willing to speak about what we want, and what we expect. It might make a big difference in our lives if we are saying, “Now that I’m getting older, aches and pains are coming.” Not every older person gets aches and pains. What if when we get one we can think this isn’t right, what is causing it, and work to eliminate the cause instead of saying oh well what can I expect at sixty-five, seventy, or eighty-five?

I think one of the secrets to Mom’s health is she hasn’t talked much about aches and pains, and when she’s had them she’s worked to eliminate the cause, not accepted it as something that comes with age. We will die, but what if we can die young at a ripe old age? What if youthful thinking and acting are more important than a number, and our thinking, speaking, and actions can make it so?

What if we are all more powerful than we think we are? Like everything, there is a downside to this. We might in our hubris think of someone unfortunate in whatever circumstances, that if they thought better thoughts, and said better words it would be better for them. Perhaps this is where judge not, lest ye be judged comes into play.

We are often disappointed when we have expectations of others and even ourselves. If we hold ourselves to a standard we can’t meet we will deal with disappointment and if we hold others to standards they can’t meet they will disappoint us as well. We are our own control board we can watch the words we speak, but not the words others speak. We can control our own actions but not the actions of others.  

What if for today I only speak about what I want to happen in my life, the lives of others, and the world? What if thinking before I speak is one of the best changes I can make in my life?

Words can inspire and words can destroy. Choose yours well. Robin Sharma

Your words have the power to hurt, to heal, open minds, open hearts and change the world. Never forget the responsibility you have over the words you speak. Steven Aitchison

Words have a magical power. They can either bring the greatest happiness or the greatest despair. Sigmund Freud

Thank you for reading this post. I hope you enjoyed it. I hope you will come back again and read some more. Have a blessed day filled with gratitude, joy, and love.

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