Painting by Belynda Wilson Thomas

Better to light a candle than to curse the darkness. Chinese Proverb

On Tuesday I went to a conference hosted by the Art Gallery of Mississauga. It was an incredible event. One of the panelists mentioned a prophecy about the 8th fire of the Anishinaabe.

On a post called Spirit of the 8th fire. I find.

Hopi Prophecy

When the earth is ravaged and the animals are dying, a new tribe of people shall come unto the earth from many colors, creeds, and classes. And who by their actions and deeds shall make the Earth green again. They shall be known as the Warriors of the Rainbow.

A friend and her husband have been evacuated because of the flooding in British Columbia. Yesterday on the news someone said cattle were up to their chests in water and they didn’t know how to evacuate them. People being evacuated had to their livestock behind.

Our hearts go out to people who are being evacuated but if we are too far away to help we can only pray and donate to help the cause. Our prayers are with you, sounds trite but it is something we can do when it seems we can do nothing. The resilience of the human spirit in times of challenge is remarkable. Often through crisis, we see strength in people we and they might not have known they had.

The wise man accepts his pain, endured it, but does not add to it. Marcus Aurelius

This is why when I read the Hopi Prophecy, the 7 Fires Prophecy of the Anishinaabe, and what Crazy Horse said I am heartened that we will find ways to come together and deal with what must be done, and we will make things better. Will we all agree on what needs to be done, of course not? Will we always make the right and best choice, I doubt it? It will be a crooked path we walk, but chances are the prophecies will come true because the human race has flourished throughout history facing challenges, overcoming hurdles, and continuing to build.

We need to have hope in our hearts that we will overcome the challenges that present themselves. Even though we know our time here is limited we leave behind people to carry on. We all know we don’t build a civilization for our generation. We all want our grandchildren to have as much hope and promise as we had. It might be part of getting older that makes us less optimistic but we have to watch being too negative about the future. We can’t believe and teach our children and grandchildren there is no hope and that the end is nigh.

The end is nigh for us, the fight may be getting to an end for us, but we need to teach our children and grandchildren to accept the challenges of their time. Every time has had challenges, and for the most part, society has moved forward and today we live lives of unbelievable richness, bounty, and beauty with a few hard times and challenges thrown in.

Men inspired by prophecy will attempt any foolishness in the knowledge that the fates have ordained their victory. Bernard Cornwell

Many a prophecy, by the mere force of its being believed is transmuted to fact. Unknown

You can’t let something that’ll probably never happen ruin your life. You’re only helping to make it a self-fulfilling prophecy. Raymond Khoury

Thank you for reading this post. I hope you enjoyed it. I hope you will come back and read some more. Have a blessed day filled with gratitude, joy, and love.

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