Lulu gives more to us than we give to her. The unconditional love from a dog is hard to receive any other way. If you want more love in your life, get a dog. If you can’t have a dog, borrow a friend’s or volunteer at an animal shelter. There are ways to bring furry friends into our lives without actually sharing our life with them.

When our son was small I heard him talking to our dog Krypto.  “No one understands me like you.”

Krypto was our first dog, a Scottish Terrier. My daughter started asking when she could have a dog. We told her when she was six. He was with us for fifteen years. When he died I couldn’t believe how empty the house was. It took us about two years to get to the place where we could bring Lulu into our life. Dogs are messy, sometimes smelly, and bark too much.  They give unconditional love we as humans have a hard time giving. We don’t wait at the door for our beloved to come home. Lulu is a welcome committee. Her welcome is too much, but she makes you feel special. You can’t miss the exuberant excitement of her half pike turn upon your entrance.

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