Painting by Belynda Wilson Thomas

Patience is not passive, on the contrary, it is concentrated strength. Bruce Lee

We want things to happen now but we have to be patient. Being patient is hard. When we paint our nails, not letting them dry before we start doing something often wrecks our nails.

We are painting our kitchen cabinets white. To practice, we are doing a test on bathroom cabinets. The prep is important to a nicely finished paint job. They must be degreased, sanded, and primed. The primer needs to dry for 24 hours. When I realized I missed some spots on the drawers. I should have waited another 24 hours to let that primer dry, but I didn’t have the patience and I hope I don’t end up looking at that spot on the drawer as a reminder to be more patient. I wanted the first coat on so I could do the final sand today and apply the second coat. I am hoping I don’t need three coats of paint.

Choosing the white paint to paint white cabinets was a huge decision. White is white, right? No, definitely not, what undertone do we want our cabinets to have? My sister, “The Kitchen Whisperer” tells me she has clients call her up and tell her they didn’t get the right color of cabinets. She has even looked at the cabinets in their kitchen and agreed until she compares what they got to the sample and it is the correct color. It doesn’t look like what they thought they were getting under their lighting and the other colors in their home. The direction our windows face will also color our paint color.

Decorators talk about warm whites think yellow undertone, and icy whites think blue undertone. I finally chose Chantilly Lace, an icy white. The kitchen is now painted Hawthorne Yellow and the trim is Hi Gloss Manufactured White. The Chantilly Lace looks exactly like I want it to with one coat of paint on the doors. I can’t wait to see the doors with the second coat on. This is where patience comes in. I was going to go with a warmer white but next to yellow that might not have looked white enough. So far I am happy with my color choices.

Our patience will achieve more than our force. Edmund Burke

Color is important and we feel better surrounded by color. All white homes are a trend right now that doesn’t appeal to me, although in pictures they do look beautiful.  When I see white sofas I shudder to think what they look like after they’ve been lived with for a while. I always feel better when I wear certain colors. Orange/Red is one of the colors I often wear on zoom calls. I look better on zoom in orange/red than any of the other colors I wear. A friend had her husband paint their garage door in three different shades of Hunter Green. I don’t know if she was finally happy with the color or if he refused to paint it a fourth time.

My daughter wonders what color battles might be in her future. Her husband likes grey and she loves color. Creating a color scheme for a home is a huge decision. We have to live with our, and sometimes someone else’s choices for years. Colors come in and out of style but we aren’t changing our flooring to match trends. The choice of the aqua carpet when we bought this home is still a choice we live with on the second floor. Some day it will be gone but it is a process, a long-drawn-out process.

The process of painting the kitchen cabinets might try my patience but in the end, if they look as good as I think they will it will be worth it. It’s amazing what a little paint, patience, and perseverance can do.

Patience is the best remedy for every trouble. Plautus

Patience is the calm acceptance that things can happen in a different order than the one you have in mind. David G. Allen

Patience is power. Patience is not an absence of action; rather it is “timing” it waits on the right time to act, for the right principle and in the right way. Fulton J. Sheen

Thank you for reading this post. I hope you enjoyed it. I hope you will come back and read some more. Have a blessed day filled with gratitude, joy, and love.

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