Small, smart choices + consistency + time = radical difference. Darren Hardy

Tonight our Toastmasters Theme is “Looking Forward” where do we see ourselves in five years. It’s a good question and as I am the one introducing the speakers I had to give an answer to be used in my introduction.

In five years I would like to be a Grandma, have more novels published, and have a line of children’s books written, illustrated, and published. I’m beginning to make audacious goals, for too many years I wasn’t willing to commit to any goals at all. What I’ve finally started doing is tracking my progress. In “The Compound Effect” by Darren Hardy, he says decisions shape our destiny and the effects of our decisions compound.

We’ve all heard if we set aside a little money in our youth and watch it grow through compound interest it will outgrow larger savings at an older age. Our habits compound, if we eat 100 calories more than we burn off every day of our life it will compound into something we aren’t likely to be happy with. If we instead do a little exercise every day of our life that will compound to something we will be happy with.

It seems in life there is no standing still. Although I have a plant in my house that looks like it defies that principle. It has been with me for over thirty years and somehow it never seems to grow. It is growing just enough to keep living and because of its slow growth, it hasn’t outgrown my house.

Since going the route of an Indie Author I’m not waiting for a publisher to tell me if I will be published, or the sales weren’t good enough on my first book so they won’t publish my subsequent books. All I need to do is produce the work, make it as good as I can, and put it out into the world. Where it goes once it is in the world isn’t up to me, at least not entirely.

It’s not the big things that add up in the end; it’s the hundreds of thousands or millions of little things that separate the ordinary from the extraordinary. Darren Hardy

This blog has been going for over two years and its reach has grown but not to anything huge. But, I’ve never had one day where no one read anything on my blog, and to me, that’s quite a big thing. The biggest fear starting out was will anyone read this? I’ve noticed the compounding effect of views over the two years. My monthly views are higher over time. Often we want to see results quicker and slow and steady isn’t good enough. Slow and steady will take us places we can’t imagine if we keep it up.

Remember the experiment with the glass of water where we keep doubling the amount of water and the glass is only half full when the next time it doubles it is full to overflowing. This is one of the reasons we get disheartened when we are watching the small imperceptible growth of one drop becoming two drops, and two drops becoming four until eventually, one half becomes full. Often we give up before we started seeing results thinking it will never become anything at this rate, but because we quit we don’t know what it could have become.

Most bloggers I am told quit at around nine months and after nine months for most people, it hasn’t grown into that much. If we are trying to make a quick buck blogging or writing it is not the way to do it. Most people would make more money working part-time at Wal-Mart than they will from writing their first book. If they keep at it the magic starts to happen and they may end up with something that working at Wal-Mart part-time could never achieve.

Too often we sabotage ourselves by not getting what we want to do, done. We talk ourselves out of it because it’s easier not to do it and we don’t have to risk failure. But, we can’t risk success if we aren’t willing to face failure. Those who do well in life often get the attitude to fail bigger, fail better.

Life is funny and now that I am here at this stage in my life I am realizing I am a late bloomer. It is very satisfying to be here. My children are grown and taking their place so my writing does not take away time and attention from them. I think having an interest is good for my marriage. It’s certainly good for me.

We can rest assured the compound effect is working in our lives. Is it working in a way we are happy with?

The complete formula for getting lucky: Preparation (personal growth) + attitude (belief mindset) + opportunity (a good thing coming your way) + action (doing something about it) = luck. Darren Hardy

A daily routine built on good habits and discipline separates the most successful among us from everyone else. A routine is exceptionally powerful. Darren Hardy

The real cost of a four-dollar-a-day coffee habit over 20 years is $51,833.79. That’s the power of The Compound Effect. Darren Hardy

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