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When you say yes, the universe helps you. Dan Brule

Last night I committed to publishing my eBook Secrets and Silence on Amazon September 5, 2020. It isn’t a small commitment if I don’t follow through I’ll be banned for one year from pre-releasing on Amazon. Secrets and Silence should be listed on Amazon as a pre-release in the next few days. It seemed like it would never get to this point but here we are.

At some point, we have to call something finished. When I took two words out of a sentence and on the next pass added them back in I thought it must be pretty close to finished. The weekend was spent reformatting for Kindle Publishing and when I uploaded it, voila, it was like I knew what I was doing. Then I uploaded my cover and it worked as well.

It was very intimidating thinking I could format myself, but we don’t know what we can do unless we try. There are people out there we can hire but I thought at least try and see what happens. As they say, nothing ventured, nothing gained.

The print book cover is a little trickier but my son says he can fix my issues in Illustrator. My goal is to have both the eBook and print book of Secrets and Silence available on Amazon by September 5, 2020.

I’m not sure how long it will take for my eBook to show up for sale now that I pressed pre-publish last night. Sometime this week, I expect I will be able to go to Amazon and find my eBook, Secrets and Silence with a release date of September 5, 2020, ready for pre-ordering.

On September 1, 2020, the final version has to be uploaded to Amazon. I kick myself for taking so long to get to the finish line. The next book shouldn’t take this long. I won’t have as much to learn. I’m learning to set goals and getting okay with putting my work out there.

This is the biggest hurdle for some of us. We are so afraid of failure, of looking bad, of falling short, that we don’t fulfill our dreams. It would be really nice if someone reads my book and likes it. It would be great if this becomes an income stream for me. Even if none of that happens it is a goal reached, a milestone in my life.

Great things never come from comfort zones. Unknown

Last night I was thinking there was a time when I was not married. There was a time when I did not have children. There was a time when my husband and I worked for someone else instead of for ourselves. There was a time when I didn’t have a blog. There was a time when I only dreamed of writing but didn’t do it. I couldn’t even tell anyone I wanted to write because if I wanted to write and wasn’t writing that must mean I didn’t really want to write.

One of the things I’ve noticed in my writing group is people from all walks of life are becoming writers when the hard slogging of life is over. They are not starving artists. They raised their family, they held full-time jobs and now like me have more time for artistic pursuits and they are pursuing them.

Many things in life are not only for the young. Even if we think we should have done something else instead of what we did. Often we can find ways to bring this into our lives. We can join a band; my aunt took up figure skating in her older years. My oldest sister ran her first marathon in France a few years ago. There are websites of older women traveling the world – some of them are divorced or widowed and they always wanted to travel and so they are.

It isn’t that many years ago we had to wait for someone to agree to publish our book or pay to publish our own and have boxes and boxes of books in our basement. We can now take control and publish with Amazon where we are given an Author’s platform which we must figure out what to do with. They say most books don’t sell more than five hundred copies but we can publish and hold our book in our hand. We can purchase copies and sell them our self if we want. Vanity publishing has always been available but Indie authors are embracing it and making it work for them. Some Indie authors will move into traditional publishing.

For many writers, one book is not the secret, but one book will get a certain amount of sales, two books will get a few more sales, and each year if we build on our platform we will have a catalog of books and cultivate a niche audience. A book club, writing group, or library may ask us to speak about writing or an organization might even offer to pay us to speak.

Who knows where it will go but it all started by deciding we would write. We would sit down each day, week, or month and write. We put it out into the world. As each opportunity presents itself we say yes. Where it leads nobody knows? Are we saying yes to the opportunities in life?

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. Eleanor Roosevelt

Doing work you love is the dizzying path of saying yes to yourself and yes to a brilliant, hidden self you do not yet know. Tama J. Kieves

The pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity. The optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty. Winston Churchill

Thank you for reading this post. I hope you enjoyed it. I hope you will come back and read some more. Have a blessed day filled with gratitude, joy, and love.

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