Creativity takes courage.

     We are all creative, but unless we make creativity part of our life it is an unused and unappreciated gift. When you watch little children play you know it’s true. They exuberantly play with paint, building blocks and any medium put before them. We give up our creativity at our peril. When we let creativity move through us we give life to things we didn’t know were in us. Perhaps they aren’t in us, but only come through us, if we are not the conduit through which life expresses itself does it find a more willing conduit?

     We tell our self it doesn’t matter if we broaden our self by using our gifts. We tell our self our gifts aren’t great enough. People will laugh at us if we try and present our gifts to the world. The joy that springs up within us as we express ourselves is a joy we get no other way. Putting a novel out into the world is not the payoff, writing is what feeds our soul. Joy is in the doing. Even if it never gets out into the world if you are a writer, write. If you are a painter, paint. If you are a singer, sing. Creativity is expressing life’s joy.

     When we learn to express our self through our gifts we find our self. We say through our art what calls to be said. We find the truth, expressing what we cannot express any other way. It thrills us to hear a song well sung, a painting well painted, a carving well carved. Viewing art expands us, invoking feelings we too long to express.

     It does matter if you use your gifts. It matters to you. We make ourselves small and insignificant when we don’t express ourselves. Self expression is a gift, use it, develop it, own it.

One thought on “Creativity takes courage. Lies we tell our self: We are not creative. It’s not important to be creative. People will laugh at us.

  1. Belynda, I enjoy reading your posts. They are very insightful, thought provoking and touching. Regarding your views on gifts and creativity. You have rekindled my artistic fire!.
    Thanks for this.

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