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I’ve had all kinds of experiences with God in terms of revelation through a still, small voice or dreams or coincidences. M. Scott Peck

Today it is raining. We need it, my garden is dry. I’m remembering three days of rain at home in Saskatchewan when I was a kid. My little dog doesn’t like to have to go pee in the rain. I have to watch her to make sure she does pee and doesn’t just come back to the door for me to let her in. She tries to fool me a few times and ends up staying in the rain longer than she had to. Finally, she complies, and I let her back in the house.

We all have things in life we need to do even if we don’t like doing them. Some things we know we should do but something always derails our intentions. Somehow even though we said we wouldn’t eat ice-cream last night we ended up with a bowl of it, and because there wouldn’t be much left we finished it. Willpower is not the way to build the life we want.

If we want to make changes in our lives we need to build the changes into habits. It could become a really bad habit if I sat down each night to edit my novel with a bowl of ice-cream. I need to not buy butter pecan ice-cream even when it’s on sale. Especially, when it’s on sale that’s when we really load up on goodies. We went to Costco the other night and came home with a giant bag of chocolates, a giant bag of M&M’s, and a giant bag of Doritos, but the nuts were too expensive. We didn’t have a Costco membership for years because the two of us in Costco went crazy. Then we had a Costco ice-cream on our way out.

I’ll see how my willpower holds out. I haven’t touched the M&M’s or chocolates, yet. Some people believe if we keep snacks in the house all the time we won’t overindulge. It works better for me when we buy them when we want them, and don’t have the siren call in the house.

I also bought a tray of fruit I hadn’t seen before which turned out to be plums, and not the tastiest plums either. Next time I see them I will know what they are, and that is why I bought them.

The whole point of being alive is to evolve into the complete person you were intended to be. I believe you can only do this when you stop long enough to hear the whisper you might have drowned out, that small voice compelling you toward the kind of work you’d be willing to do even if you weren’t paid. Once you tune out the noise of your life and hear that call, you face the biggest challenge of all: to find the courage to seek out your big dream, regardless of what anyone else thinks. Oprah Winfrey

If we keep our good habits and make it harder to fall into bad habits we can meet our goals. Indulging in foods that don’t agree with me too often leads to not feeling well. Feeling great regularly is such a blessing. Indulging in ice-cream every night is not actually as good as going out occasionally for a really great ice-cream.

The couple ahead of us at Costco had a bill of $365.00 and it didn’t look like they had that much in their cart. Is Costco a budget buster or a budget saver for most people? The gas looked cheap but the line was too long to even think of joining.

My husband and I will have to set a limit at Costco, decided on ahead of time. It can be dangerous just piling in one thing after another. Who knew a Costco membership would be a new area of growth for us.

Life is about learning and growing, and there are lessons and growth around every corner.

A strange thing just happened. My daughter is taking an exam today. Last night I dreamed I was upset at her because she was still here and I was worried she would be late for her exam. She just told me she checked her exam information and the exam is at 1:00 instead of 9:00. In my dream, the exam was at 10:00 instead of 9:00.

We are told to listen to the still small voice within. What is that still small voice trying to tell us that we don’t listen to or acknowledge?

You may be living under the illusion that when God ignites great things in your life, He’ll announce it with a big bang. He might. It’s more likely that He won’t. So stop waiting around for the big bang. Pay attention to the subtle clues and the still, small voice. God lives in that place too. Steven Furtick

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