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Accept the challenges so that you can feel the exhilaration of victory. George Jesson

Last night a group of five of us went to an “Escape Room” as a team-building exercise. We had forty-five minutes to get out, and we could call for assistance three times. We got out before forty-five minutes were up and we didn’t use all of our assistance calls. None of us had been to an escape room before.

We were escaping from a plane crash. We had many combination locks to figure out. and we had to figure out the combinations from clues that were planted. When we got the first door open, it opened to a completely dark room, when one of our team found a battery to put in the flashlight we’d found when we unlocked one of the boxes we could see what we had to unlock to send out our SOS call for help. Then we had to unlock more locks to finally find cables to attach to a board using Morse code to locate the correct positions and the door opened. We needed almost all of our forty-five minutes.

It was a fun experience and different escape rooms will need different skill sets. Now that I’ve tried one it would be fun to try others where the challenges will be different. One of our members has specific training that helped us. We have picked up knowledge and skills in life that comes in handy. What kind of escape room is there that my particular skills would come in handy? It was a fun evening. It would be a great group activity for a birthday or other celebration.

People may be leaders in one situation and followers in another. With a team, everyone contributes something. There was a live snake in a cage in the room. We were told there was a live animal in the room. It might be a deal-breaker for one of my friends who can’t look at a picture of a snake. I wonder if they have had people who panicked and said let me out “now?”

We learn things about our self and other people when we are presented with challenges. Sometimes we rise to the occasion, sometimes we do not. We may think specific people will take charge, but someone else may be the one.

If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you.  Unknown

It’s not the mountain we conquer but ourselves. Edmund Hillary

This would be a great experience for couples. Can they work together to figure things out? Would this be a good challenge for couples on the cusp of marriage? What might we learn about our self, or someone else?

We don’t know how we’ll react in situations until we are actually in them. This is a way of putting ourselves in situations we’ve never been in before. We can face the challenges we’ve never faced.

Some escape room managers say they see the same people come and bring different dates. It would be a fun experience for the date, and the person bringing them knows how to solve the clues, so they look like a hero. Everyone wins. Don’t we take someone dancing where we know the dance?

On a blog, someone says they have played 100 escape room games. It is easy to see how once one has experienced one, another, and another, and another might be calling to us. They each have their own theme, and different knowledge and skillsets are required to figure out the clues and beat the game. If these escape rooms are set up so 30 percent of the players get out within the allotted time then we may think if I’d done that sooner, or got that clue quicker? Let me try another one. If we find the right escape room maybe we will be the star of our team, the one that cracked the code no one else could get.

What does it take to be the mastermind to set up the games? How profitable are they? A group was finishing when we arrived. A group was going in after us.

I worked with two brothers who started a paintball business when paintball wars were all the rage. They said they had a trunk full of paintball guns in their trunk when the Pope was here on a visit. If they got stopped by the police they would have looked like assassins up to no good.

Are you looking for a new fun experience? There is probably an escape room near you. You may learn something about yourself and those you go with.

Keep challenging yourself. That’s the only way forward in life. Unknown      

Thank you for reading this post. I hope you enjoyed it. I hope you will come back and read some more. Have a blessed day filled with gratitude, adventure, and love.

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