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There are no faster or firmer friendships than those formed between people who love the same books. Irving Stone

Last night my book club finally had our Christmas dinner. We couldn’t make December work and when our January plans fizzled down to just two of us we rescheduled for February. We still ended up with only four out of six of us.

It is hard to schedule, everyone is busy, and life gets in the way. We had a lovely time, one of our members googled to see if there was a coupon for the restaurant we went to. There was a two for one coupon but our Masala Tea didn’t count as the beverage, we had to have a cocktail or mocktail as well. I chose the mango mint mocktail.  It was so good.

We laughed and our youngest member said when she first came out to the book club her husband asked her how was it? I got the impression he thought this would be a one-time thing. That she would not be impressed by boring old biddies drinking tea. To his surprise, she was impressed and loves it.

I’m looking at a post about book clubs, she says everyone has a vague idea what a book club is.  A bunch of suburban moms wearing white jeans, drinking white wine spritzers, and discussing The Help by Kathryn Stockett. She must have been stocking us, we read The Help, we sometimes wear white jeans, and we’ve been known to have a cocktail or two.

If you’ve ever read a book where you thought I wish I could discuss this with someone. You are a candidate for a book club. If you like to laugh with people and talk about life, you are a candidate for a book club. If you feel you don’t get together with people enough because nobody organizes anything, then you are a candidate for a book club.

If you’ve ever wondered what you should read next, you are a candidate for a book club. If you’ve ever wanted to sit and talk to an author about a book, you are a candidate for a book club. If you’ve ever wanted to talk to people about issues, small and big, personal and what affects the world, you are a candidate for a book club.

Some books you read some books you enjoy. But some books just swallow you up, heart and soul. Joanne Harris

If you’ve ever felt you start books but don’t finish them because you’d do better with a deadline, then you are a candidate for a book club. If you’ve ever felt you would like a more diverse group of friends, you are a candidate for a book club.

If you’ve ever thought you wish you could talk to someone who would understand, then you are a candidate for a book club. There are books on every topic; we get to know characters better than our own family. We see issues and situations at deeper levels than real life. Books are lies that tell the truth. They tell the truth about family secrets, dysfunctional marriages, raising children, cultures and belief systems, human frailties, accomplishments, bravery, overcoming great odds, becoming who we want to be with courage.

Anything we’ve felt, done, wanted to do, want to know more about, it’s in a book. Sharing that with a group of people who share a love of reading, a love of talking, thinking, questioning, laughing, will add a lot more to our lives than we would think possible.

We now have a membership of six if we all show up it is a small enough group to congregate in a coffee shop, restaurant, or each other’s home. We can all fit in someone’s family room if we want to watch the movie. If a few people can’t come to the meeting we still have enough to meet most of the time.

Our book club started in 2000, I joined in 2001. We have had a lot of members come and go; we have one original member left. No two book clubs will be the same; each member will change it in some way. Not every member who joins will find it fits with what they are looking for. This is okay, the book club will grow and morph over the years. We grow and morph over the years, what worked for us once may not work for us now.

We may have been able to attend every meeting but now can only come sporadically, that’s okay. Book clubs should fit into our lives, if they become a burden we might be taking them too seriously. Or maybe everything else in our life is crazy, but our book club is what is staying the same and becomes our anchor. We get a lot more out of being a member of a book club than just reading books.

If this is a year you wanted to bring something more into your life and you aren’t sure what that is. Have you thought about joining a book club? It might be the answer you are looking for.

Some members want a formal, academic book club, they are out there. Libraries have book clubs and if you want to join a book club that might be the easiest way to become part of one.

Keep reading it’s one of the most marvelous adventures anyone can have. Lloyd Alexander


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